About The Founder

My name is Polo Mwonyonyi…I don’t believe in the word “impossible”… I never did. Any individual who wears my clothing brand with the black unicorns or associates with any of my companies totally understands this freedom philosophy. . . because to do the impossible –this is the philosophy of “high achievers” , the 1% that create new realities for the remaining 99% of people on this earth who will follow it –you have very high standards, you believe in yourself 120% , you only look towards the future and not the past. You don’t care what anybody thinks, you don’t wait for people to understand you or accept you, or love you or hate you. We are the “architects of society ” we are the liberators for freedom!

Live Free!

Polo Mwonyonyi, CEO Founder

Mwonyonyi Xoldingz Ukraine

Polo Mwonyonyi Fashion Brand UK Ltd.